Monday, 10 July 2017

Coastal Predators

There's only one thing more scary than a great Black Back Gull to ducks on the river ...that's Two Black backed gulls !  During the last few days we have lost some ducklings and young ducks, would not be surprised if it was the Black back. One of our trust Members saw a black back with a young duck which escaped after he clapped his hands to scare it off. 

The great Black back is a powerful predator and capable of taking fully grown ducks and rabbits. I witnessed a black back in 2010 taking a fully grown female duck. See above Photos!

 Last week I saw a pair of them feeding on a what looked like a sea trout on the riverside.

Even half dozen Hoodie crows are no match for the Great black back.  The comparative size to a common herring gull can clearly be seen here.

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