Friday, 30 June 2017

River Rescue

After 24 hours rain, the River was again in spate for the second time this month. Although not as severe, it was more than enough to wash all the waterbirds down to the Island haven. The last duckling brood to hatch a few days ago was the one to suffer the worst losses. The fast flow is deadly to tiny ducklings if they are caught out. I found one dead and another two separated from their mother, exhausted and unable to climb up the bank to safety. 

                        I managed to scoop one up from the edge of the moat, and waded over to the other side to find the other this morning. I brought them home to the brooding box under a lamp, within half an hour they had revived and started to eat. Later this afternoon I went down again to find another exhausted one very weak and unable to climb out of the water.

Same procedure back to the brooder and under the lamp, happily it also revived after an hour or so. I will try to reunite them with their mother if the river drops enough tomorrow . This would mean she would still have 7 out of the twelve she had 3 days ago.   It's all down to luck as to their life chances, hatched just before a flood often spells disaster, even for ducks !

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